Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Cope With a Relationship Breakup and Keep Your Pride in Tact

Are you wondering how to cope with a relationship breakup? You are not alone. All around the world there are people from all walks of life dealing with broken hearts and wounded pride. No matter which pain you are feeling most acutely at the moment it's a good idea to address both your heart and your pride when learning how to cope with a relationship breakup.

For better or worse your relationship has ended and you are now left reeling from the impact this fact is having on your life. Most of us don't realize how much of our lives are really wrapped up into our relationships or that other special someone until suddenly they are no longer there. Learning how to cope with a relationship breakup is often exacerbated because you are coping with so many new emotions, sensations, and experiences all at once. The longer the relationship lasted the more new thins you are going to need to contend with.

Hold your head up high. Your relationship has ended. Unless you've done something terribly wrong that the entire world knows about there's no need to be ashamed over this fact. It happens. It probably happens more often than any of us would care to admit. It's difficult enough to go through without inviting shame that shouldn't be part of the equation.

Stay visible. Get out there and participate. Be a joiner. Get involved. Make sure that you are busy whenever possible so that you aren't spending your time pining away over your lost love. You want to be seen by the world as whole and complete and not as someone who is simply devastated and shell shocked.

Lean on your friends and family for support. Your family and your friends love you. They are perfectly willing to listen to you, talk with you, and even cry with you if needed to help as you learn how to cope with a relationship breakup. Don't overlook this important tool in the process or the enormous gift that your friends and family are to you whenever you are hurting.

Develop a positive attitude. You don't have to become positive little Pollyanna but you will find that if you think positive and have a better attitude rather than a bitter attitude that you are going to attract more positive people into your life. Try it for an afternoon and see what a difference it makes. For one afternoon make only positive statements. Avoid negative talk, thoughts, and actions and then pay attention to how others treat you in response.