Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Appropriate and correct knowledge about various factors that increase cholesterol levels is essential to maintain normal cholesterol levels at all times, which are anywhere between 200 and 239 mg/dl.

You can keep high cholesterol in check, once you know the factors that induce high cholesterol production in your body. Given below are a few factors, which can be controlled by us to reduce our cholesterol.

Diet - Saturated fats in your diet makes the levels higher. By reducing these fats you will be able to manage the cholesterol in your food.
Weight - Overweight, as we all know can be the cause of a lot of ailments. Try and lose weight to stay fit. Proportionate weight loss increases HDL and decreases LDL.
Physical Activity - 30 minutes of moderate exercises are essential and also helps in losing weight.

The following factors also have a bearing on our cholesterol levels, however, they cannot be controlled by us.

Age and Gender - As we grow old, the levels increase. Also, women generally have lower levels than men and after menopause, a woman's LDL tends to increase.
Heredity - The genes you inherit can have a major effect on you. If you have a family history of heart diseases, which are caused by cholesterol, take necessary precautions to be safe.

A desired cholesterol ratio is 3.5:1, but, maintaining a cholesterol ratio of anything less than 5:1 is also advisable. HDL levels of at least 60 mg/dl or higher will definitely benefit the heart.

Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels

You need to prioritize and try to include exercises in your daily routine. Exercising always helps; climbing stairs, biking, and swimming are some of the activities that can help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Many doctors suggest that burning calories increases metabolism and being active helps you stay fit.

Another thing that can help control your cholesterol is a stress-free mind. Try and pursue a hobby or an activity that you enjoy. It'll take your mind off all the tensions and worries and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Giving up smoking and drinking alcohol will also go a long way in improving your cholesterol levels.

Try to incorporate foods in your daily diet, which can increase the good cholesterol in your body. Listed below are some of the food items that may help you control your cholesterol levels.

Intake of fish like salmon, sardines, sea bass, and mackerel increases HDL, and can work wonders even in a short time
Eat foods containing omega-3 fatty-acids like foods rich in soy, green and fresh leafy vegetables and, walnuts
Reduce the intake of sweetened beverages to improve your health
Increase the intake of fiber rich food
Take sugar-free substitutes like fresh fruit or iced tea
Reduce the consumption of salt

Cholesterol levels monitor the health of the heart and these diet changes can considerably change the way your body and heart feel.